K-ON! Clubroom – Part 2

There’s a lot of improvements in the second build.

K-ON! - 03 - Furniture

Furniture! Sure, it’s all white boxes at the moment, but the room is starting to take shape.

Since this is a VR project, it’s important to get the dimensions correct. In addition to using real-world measurements for doors/walls and so on, I’m also using lots of reference images from the show itself. By adding in the placeholder furniture, I can cross-reference episode screenshots with real-world dimensions (e.g. how wide and tall is a large aquarium) and see if everything is matching up.

So: in episode 11 of the second season, Ton-chan the turtle gets a new aquarium that sits partially in the Sun. The girls create a shade by sticking some cardboard to the window. Since this was a crucial plot point in the show (by K-ON! standards), I needed to make sure the sunlight would hit Ton-chan’s tank in my scene (incidentally, this is why I chose the sunlight angle I did).

K-ON! - 04 - Tank


Unfortunately, it seems the room is a bit too large, and the tank is safely tucked into the corner. Now I know the room needs to shrink.

K-ON! - 05 - Different Angle

Here’s another angle showing off the newly textured doors and the bookshelf (behind what is clearly the whiteboard). The shadows are also a lot deeper and the sunlight warmer in this build.

K-ON! - 06 - Specular

Some lovely specular mapping on the floor, plus the new crouch mode in action. Crouching will allow players to get a better look at objects close to the floor. I also have a “tiptoe” feature that raises the player’s view slightly.

K-ON! - 07 - Textured Door

A closeup of the door. Right now, you can see the sun coming in through the windows, but eventually I’ll model the stairwell outside.

If you look closely at all these screenshots, you’ll also notice some dust motes floating around, which help give the room a bit of volume.

Next up: fixing the room’s size and adding controller support.


Best wishes via the Sub-Etha.


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