K-ON! Clubroom – Part 3

The main focus of this build was to fix the room’s dimensions.

K-ON! - 08 - Smaller Room

It’s smaller! Ton-chan’s tank now gets hit by Sunlight exactly as it does in the show. I’ll have to put the shade up on the window soon.

This build also includes controller support. Players can use an Xbox 360 controller to move/look around. I broke mouse support in the process, but that will be fixed in the next build.

K-ON! - 09 - Different Sizes

A lot of work went into altering the dimensions. I used Inkscape to prototype a number of different layouts. The stairwell and the storage room are included in the designs so they would fit later on.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the adjacent music room to fit. The K-ON! school (Sakuragaoka High School) is based on a real place in Japan (Toyosato Elementary School), but the real-life clubroom is not actually L-shaped, so the music room fits neatly next to it. The show version isn’t as simple. Oh well, I wasn’t planning on modelling the whole thing anyway.

K-ON! - 10 - Final Dimensions

So here are the final room dimensions. All the corner pieces are identical (inside and out), and line up with the wood panels on the rest of the walls, except in two places. Those two places are hidden behind Ton-chan’s cupboard in the corner (so no peeking!).

K-ON! - 11 - External Windows

A big part of getting the dimensions right was matching the external view as much as possible (funnily enough, I never knew where the clubroom was located until working on this project).

As you can see in the picture above, there are five identically-sized windows. The one on the right opens into the stairwell, and the other four into the clubroom itself.

Whew! A lot of work went into this build, and the end result is just a slightly smaller room!


Until next time, safe travels through the Kuiper Belt.


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