K-ON! Clubroom – Parts 4 & 5

A double update today. In the next two builds, I started adding furnishings to the clubroom, and a bit of personality (also I fixed mouse support).

K-ON! - 12 - Windows

The window frames are in, and are casting wonderful shadows into the room.

But what’s that over there?

K-ON! - 13 - Cardboard

Ton-chan is finally safe from the Sun. It seems weird, but this little thing made a big difference in making the room feel less sterile.

The cardboard is a simple mesh that wraps around the wall and windowsill. It uses a “Transparent/Diffuse” material. There’s just one slight problem: “Transparent/Diffuse” materials don’t cast or receive shadows (and that’s kinda the whole point of this particular piece of cardboard).

My solution was to put a standard Unity cube in the window frame to cast the necessary shadow. The cardboard also ignores all light from the Sun (it gets lighting from ambient sources instead).

I should also note that the cardboard is actually 1mm above the surface it’s “attached” to. This is to prevent z-fighting.

K-ON! - 13 - Shadows

Check out those awesome shadows. At this point in the development, there’s a few extra light sources in the scene to simulate bloom. You can see the effect if you look at where the light is hitting the whiteboard. Eventually, it became necessary to remove the bloom lights (but I’ll explain why later).

There’s actually quite a few lighting tricks that were added in the previous builds. For example: several “ambient” directional lights are aimed at the ceiling and walls to pick out extra detail in the geometry.

This is a double update, so let’s take a look at what was added after the windows:

K-ON! - 14 - Blackboard

The blackboard! It’s pretty bare-bones in this early build.

K-ON! - 15 - Photos

But it has it’s own charm.

Next time will be another double update I think. The blackboard will get some more love and be joined by its partner in crime the whiteboard. Also: I hear K-ON! has something to do with music?


Swing by on a comet next week!


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