K-ON! Clubroom – Parts 6 & 7

The next two builds were a lot of fun to develop.

K-ON! - 16 - Blackboard

Plenty of extra decorations were added to the blackboard. There’s some flowers, some animals, an Azu-nyan sketch and Yui’s evaluation of said sketch.

Hardcore K-ON! fans take note: Azusa’s “nyaan!” and Yui’s face are drawn in their respective theme colours.

K-ON! - 17 - Whiteboard

And the whiteboard makes its first appearance.

All the sketches on the whiteboard were traced from screen captures, except for the “Welcome!” message. Fans should recognise the character portraits from the opening of the K-ON! film (as well as Yui’s frolicking rabbit).

K-ON! - 18 - Badges 1

Scattered around the whiteboard are little stickers representing all the characters.

K-ON! - 19 - Badges 2

Each one is matched to an outfit from the Listen!! music video, except for the red and orange star sticker (which comes from Yui’s sticker hobby in season 2 episode 16).

For reference: Ritsu is the green sticker with blue spots, Mio is the purple sticker with red and yellow triangles, Mugi is the striped sticker with a heart, Yui is the lightning bolt with lips and Azusa is the sticker with red polka dots.

K-ON! - 20 - Projector Shadow

If you look closely, you can see some subtle ambient shadowing behind the whiteboard. I’m using Unity projectors to do simple shadows like this. Lots of furniture ends up using this technique in later builds.

K-ON! - 21 - Upgraded Blackboard

After creating the whiteboard, I went back and improved the texture on the blackboard. The music lines are now sharper, and there’s some extra detail on the surface.

These two builds were a lot of fun to develop; I think I stayed up past midnight drawing all the sketches! They’re also the first builds to feature background music. Right now, it’s just a single looping track (“Have Some Tea”), but the music will get a significant upgrade later.


Until next time, see you on Venus (I’ve been playing Destiny on PS4).


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