K-ON! Clubroom – Parts 29 to 34

Let’s take a look at the remaining builds from 2014.

K-ON! - 59 - Stairwell

Here is the stairwell outside the clubroom. There’s still some missing details, but the basic structure of the room is there.

K-ON! - 60 - Stairwell Window

The stairs continue until they’re out of view.

On the other side of the room, the air conditioner that was added during a particularly hot summer.

K-ON! - 62 - Aircon

I still haven’t added the power point it plugs into. I’ll have to do that sometime.

K-ON! - 61 - External Door

This build also saw the addition of a unique external door model. I wasn’t happy with the way it looked here, since it doesn’t have a lot of interesting details.

Immediately following the addition of the air conditioner is the tea cabinet. Sadly, it’s empty in this build. No tea time yet.

K-ON! - 63 - Tea Cabinet

It’s really big, by the way.

After adding the air conditioner and the tea cabinet, I needed the sink to complete this corner of the room.

K-ON! - 64 - Sink

I used a Unity extension called “Reflection Manager” to add some nice reflections to the model. “Reflection Manager” generates cube maps with added parallax correction. It looks really nice in VR.

The next build sees the addition of the two music stands that sit next to the whiteboard. I’m really happy with how these turned out.

K-ON! - 65 - Music Stands

But what’s that sitting on the right music stand?

K-ON! - 66 - Fuwa Fuwa Time

It’s Fuwa Fuwa Time! This is from the scene where Azusa and Yui try to teach Ritsu how to play guitar. Unfortunately, the resolution of the Oculus is a little too low to read the music.


And that’s everything I added back in 2014! Next time, we’ll check out what was added in early 2015. Don’t burn up on re-entry before then!