K-ON! Clubroom – Donuts!

Hey everyone, it’s donut time!


But only if you select Jun as your character. My goal is to have at least one special item for each character before the first release, and even more in the final version.

What kind of secrets do you expect to find with each character?


The cassette player has been finished since my last post. This is probably the most accurate model in the scene so far, thanks to all the reference images I had.


Interacting with the cassette player will play any files you’ve put in the special “Cassette” folder. The needle on the top right even tracks the level of the music!



Every side of the player has the same attention to detail, but the top is especially cool thanks to all the fancy controls. Every switch, jack, button, dial and slider is labelled accurately. Naturally, this is a SOWY brand player, just like the show.


If there’s not a donut constellation already, I’m going to find it. See you soon.


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