My Epilepsy

“This has all happened before.”

My seizures would always begin with incredibly intense sensations of déjà vu and derealization. What I was seeing, feeling and even thinking would feel as though they had been scripted in advance. Everything took on a dreamlike quality and I would be begin to feel nauseated.

I used to say that my déjà vu was so strong it made me sick.

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PAX Australia and Cosplay!

I’ll be at PAX Australia this weekend, so I won’t be posting a progress report on Sunday.

I’ve been to every PAX Australia since it began in 2013, and cosplayed for the first time at last year’s show (as Yu Narukami from Persona 4). This year I will be wearing a different costume each day.

My first costume is Luka Urushibara, from Steins;Gate. It’s her casual outfit, featuring a handmade black shirt (with white trim and bow) and red pants. I’ll also be wearing a black tank top underneath for the shoulder straps, a black necklace (tied into a bow), and a silver wallet chain. Joining me for this one is a full-size huggable Upa.

My second costume is adapted from last year’s Persona 4 costume. Basically, I’ve just added Naoto’s hat and will be wearing the jacket closed. It’s worth mentioning that my costume has two custom embroidered patches on the Yasogami jacket collar, which feature the kanji for “fool” and “world”.

Finally, my last costume is Kurisu Makise, also from Steins;Gate. I’ll be wearing the lab coat version of her outfit, complete with a FGL Labmem pin on the lapel.


El Psy Kongroo.